Redesigned Connect Live Portal Set to Launch

Volusia County will launch a newly redesigned Connect Live web portal July 1, enhancing the experience for residents and businesses applying for building permits, according to a  media release. The redesigned portal streamlines the submission and tracking of project information from start to finish, making the process more user-friendly.

“We’re excited to offer a more intuitive, accessible web portal that empowers permit seekers to manage their projects with greater ease,” said Growth and Resource Management Director Clay Ervin, in the release. “This is all part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer service and streamline operations with the end user in mind.”

According to the release, key features of the new website include an Application Wizard that guides users to the correct permit type, improved mobile compatibility, and enhanced search functions that allow sorting and filtering of folder lists. Additionally, the portal offers a drag-and-drop option for attaching multiple files at once, visible confirmation of uploaded files, and the ability for registered contractors to submit license renewal documents directly through their accounts.

Volusia County Director of Economic Development Lou Paris said the redesigned site will help with effort to attract new business development.

“We are excited for the launch of the revamped ConnectLive permitting portal,” he said in an interview with EVOLVE News. “This extensive update reflects Volusia County’s dedication to fostering a business-friendly environment and enhancing the efficiency of our services. The new features of ConnectLive will greatly simplify the permitting process, making it more accessible and intuitive for residents, businesses, and developers. By streamlining these procedures, we aim to facilitate economic growth and attract more investment to Volusia County. This is a significant step forward in our mission to support and empower our local businesses.”

Existing accounts will remain active with all previous data and records intact, eliminating the need for users to create new accounts. Starting July 1, users can access the updated portal directly at or on the Building and Code Administration Division’s page at The county will also provide online tutorials to help users navigate and utilize the new system efficiently, the release states.