Roadway Enhancements: High-Performance Micro Surfacing Project Begins

Roadway Enhancements: High-Performance Micro Surfacing Project Begins

The City of Palm Coast’s Traffic & Engineering division wishes to inform residents about the High-Performance Micro Surfacing project scheduled for several roadways in Palm Coast. Installation is set to begin on Monday, April 29, 2024, and will continue through Thursday, May 16, 2024.

Project Contractor, Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc., will be applying high-performance micro surfacing on the roadways. This technique involves the application of granite aggregate and polymerized asphalt emulsion, providing a protective layer for the underlying asphalt pavement, resulting in highly durable road surfaces with enhanced aesthetic appeal.

While minimal disruption is anticipated, residents can contribute to the success of this upgrade. Here are some essential tips to facilitate a smooth process:

  • Expect Short Delays: Minor delays may occur during working hours. Traffic control specialists will be on-site to coordinate limited access to affected roads.
  • Mindful Driving: After paving, avoid turning your vehicle wheels while stationary to prevent power steering marks. These marks are cosmetic and will fade over time. Please allow up to 6 months for the final surface to achieve uniformity.
  • Roadside Parking Restrictions: Ensure no vehicles, boats, trailers, etc., are parked on or near the roadway between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Keep Roads Clear: Refrain from placing garbage or debris on the roadway.
  • Irrigation Systems: Turn off all irrigation systems starting from midnight the night before the scheduled work. Normal irrigation can resume the following day.

Daily road closures will be in effect on weekdays with operating hours between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., following the project schedule for application below:

  • Mon., April 29 – Tue., April 30: Lamoyne Lane, Lamar Lane, and Lansing Lane
  • Tue., April 30 – Wed., May 1: Langdon Lane
  • Wed., May 1 –  Thu., May 2: Fairhill Lane, Fairchild Lane, and Barley Lane
  • Thu., May 2 – Fri., May 3: Bannbury Lane and Banner Lane
  • Fri., May 3 & Mon., May 5: Woodward Lane and Woodworth Lane
  • Mon., May 6 – Tue., May 7: Woodholme Lane and Woodhollow Lane
  • Tue., May 7 – Wed., May 8: Rivera Lane and Ranshire Lane
  • Wed., May 8 –  Thu., May 9: Riviere Lane and Ranwood Lane
  • Thu., May 9 – Fri., May 10: Riverina Lane and Ranch Way
  • Fri., May 10 & Mon., May 13: Porpoise Lane and Porwyn Lane
  • Mon., May 13 – Tue., May 14: Pillary Lane and Pilgrim Drive
  • Tue., May 14 – Wed., May 15: Pleasant Lane, Plumtree Place, Plateau Place, Plateau Lane, and Pillar Lane
  • Wed., May 15 – Thu., May 16: Plainview Drive

Residents will be notified with door tags on residential front doors and an email regarding these upcoming improvements. This information has been added to the Flagler County GIS road closure map. View all countywide road closures here by selecting Flagler County Road Closures:

For more information, contact customer service at or 386-986-2360. A request can also be submitted through

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