Stetson University Partners with Details Flowers Software

Details Flowers Software is partnering with Stetson University’s Centurion Sales Program to give students hands-on experience of the floral industry, and how Details is revolutionizing industry practices, according to a university media release. In addition to new Details labs, current partner labs include notable Volusia County businesses, such as NASCAR, Synergy Billing, and Watson Realty.

A key part of the Details partnership with the Centurion Sales Program is to offer students
instruction in effective floral industry sales practices. Students also will receive individual
coaching from Details Flowers Software sales team members.

“The epicenter of the Centurion Sales Program is its innovative facilities, featuring
specialized sales training labs outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment.
Within these labs, students develop and hone their skills in sales, including practicing sales calls and role-plays with customers,” said Dr. John Riggs, founding director of the Centurion Sales Program, in the release. “We are incredibly excited about our new partnership with Details Flowers Software and the unmatched professional opportunities it offers our students.”

Students can apply what they learn in the Centurion Sales Program directly to Details
operations through internship opportunities at the Details headquarters in Ormond

“We are thrilled to partner with Stetson University to bring more interest to the floriculture
industry. Not only will it give students an opportunity to apply their sales skills to real-life
floral customers, but it will also give my team an opportunity to learn from millennials that
offer a different perspective on social media, marketing and trends coming up the
pipeline,” saidCorrine Heck, founder and CEO of Details.