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From Combat Boots to Business Suits

Approximately 200,000 military service members transition to civilian life every year. They often find themselves in a unique predicament after completing their military careers. Namely, how will they transition back into the civilian workforce? Finding gainful employment is an integral part of the road back to the lives they once knew before their service. This […]Read More

Daytona State Program Gives Students Head Start to Careers

Training and recruiting the next generation of skilled workers is a goal of many communities. A week-long camp at Daytona State College’s main campus offered students a head start on finding the right career for them. The college has offered the career exploration camp, funded through a federal Perkins grant, since 2014. This year’s camp […]Read More

Northrop Grumman CEO Sees Opportunities for Growth

Northrop Grumman’s more than 1,100 employees in St. Johns County have their work cut out for them as the company is poised for growth. Speaking at the Bernstein 39th annual Strategic Decisions Conference, chair and CEO Kathy Warden said things are looking up for the aerospace and defense technology company. “As we look at the business, […]Read More