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From Data to Diagnosis: AI in Healthcare

Imagine sitting with a loved one who suddenly experiences a drooped smile, unintelligible speech and numbness down their arm, face, or leg. When this happens, calling 911 immediately is a must as these often indicate stroke symptoms — a terrifying condition where brain cells start to die in mere minutes. Luckily, if the call is made […]Read More

Smart Marketing: How AI is Transforming the Industry

We’re all familiar with SPAM emails and pop-up ads trying to sell you products and services that are often of no interest to you. But perhaps you’ve noticed that more recently, those ads are a bit less obnoxious because they’re more relevant. You might have even clicked through for more information. That, my friends, is […]Read More

Using AI Applications to Thrive in the Digital Age

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a term pulled from today’s headlines. And while many are talking about its use in industries from arts and entertainment to healthcare, media, and retail, there are also practical applications that are affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes. “AI is like this super-smart assistant that never sleeps,” says […]Read More

AI-Powered Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Care and Outcomes

On any given day, a radiologist views hundreds of patient images — from X-rays to MRIs and everything in between. While a highly skilled radiologist can see most issues quickly, some conditions are harder to diagnose. Tired eyes might even miss potential stroke warning signs — a condition often seen in MRI imaging. Thanks to […]Read More

Smart Marketing Strategies: How AI is Redefining Audience Targeting

So, you work in marketing, and you need a competitive edge while chasing the best possible business results. You have a team of creative professionals adept at personalizing campaigns to target the right audience. But legacy tasks can be daunting and time-consuming. This is why AI automation is being harnessed to ensure that pertinence and […]Read More

Honoring the Life of Ky Ekinci

Ky Ekinci, co-founder of Office Divvy and one-time part owner of The Humidor cigar shop in European Village, died Sunday at the age of 53. According to his family, Ekinci suffered a sudden cardiac event. A native of Turkey, Ekinci worked more than 20 years in the leisure travel and meetings and incentives industry. He […]Read More