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From The Guest Editor – May 2024

The 21st century is the information economy driven by knowledge workers. Ideas determine our destiny. Having and implementing the winning idea at a key moment can produce extraordinary results for a company, a non-profit organization or a government agency. In the 20th century, there were only 66 years between the Wright brothers getting an airplane […]Read More

From The Publishers – November 2023

From 1763 until the 1980s Fort Mose was “Unknown”. From then until the planned reconstruction is completed in early 2025 it has been “Unseen”. Now it is a story that is “Untold”. We are proud to be partnering with Fort Mose Historical Society, Florida State Parks Foundation, St Augustine Amphitheater and Florida Blue to help […]Read More

From The Publisher – Fall 2023

There is an IBM TV commercial for WatsonX, their AI platform, that starts with “Some people are excited about what AI can do for them. We’re excited about what AI can do for business.”  At EVOLVE, we are also excited about what AI can do for business. Our EVOLVE Editorial Advisory Boards selected Artificial Intelligence as the theme for […]Read More

Agritourism Provides Fields for Fun & Learning

Although Florida is known for sunny beaches, epic amusement parks and major historical sites, Agritourism has recently been attracting visitors throughout the First Coast region. Agritourism is unique because it allows local farm owners to share their passion and knowledge of agriculture, as well as their love of nature and animals, with people of all […]Read More

Powered by Personalization, Niche Tourism is Thriving

Karolina Guilcapi has been to South America 42 times — for business and pleasure. As the founder of Sated Ventures, Guilcapi couldn’t hide her love and excitement for food and travel if she tried. Her boutique travel agency in Palm Coast, Florida, aims to delight travelers with foodie experiences that simply can’t be booked through […]Read More

A “Kick” in the Grass: Soccer Comes to the Region

The First Coast may be in the throes of an athletic renaissance of sorts. A grassroots movement is opening a myriad of doors of economic opportunity as it fosters a sense of community and collaboration. When you think of our region in terms of sporting events, which games come to mind? Soccer should be high […]Read More

Sun-Soaked Transitions: From Visitor to Local

Long before Flagler built the Ponce de Leon Hotel, tourists, entrepreneurs and artists came to St. Augustine for vacation and stayed. That transition from north to south, or west to east, continues with some new residents starting or expanding a business and others working remotely from home. Why have they chosen to come to this […]Read More

From Rebound to Resilience: Perspectives from Local Tourism Development Directors

Q&A with Tourisim Directors From the impact of the pandemic on visitor numbers to future projections and challenges, local tourism development directors share their insights and experiences as we delve into the dynamic world of tourism.  Kimberly Morgan Director of Tourism & Film Development Clay County Tera Meeks Tourism and Cultural Development Director St. Johns County […]Read More