Day: November 1, 2021

Amy Lukasik

Flagler County tourism director Amy Lukasik talks about the state of tourism in the region and the challenges facing the industryRead More

Circle of life MedNexus project creates partnerships for the future

Predicting the future is normally the province of soothsayers, science fiction writers and meteorologists. But sometimes, a flash of inspiration offers a glimpse of what’s ahead. David Szymanski provided a spark at the October meeting of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club and offered a vision of public/private partnership to meet the region’s healthcare needs now […]Read More

Zachary Spoor Floa Co., Daytona Beach

What does your company do? We make having fun on the water easier and more enjoyable by providing on-demand rentals of inflatable standup paddleboard and kayak hybrids. What is your background and how did you get into business? I was born in Volusia County where I completed my undergrad at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aeronautics. […]Read More

Kabir Bhakta Dahlia Mexican Kitchen GigaBites Virtual Kitchens

What does your company do? Our companies are Dahlia Mexican Kitchen and GigaBites Virtual Kitchens. Dahlia launched in January of 2017 in the city of Flagler Beach and a second location in the city of Daytona Beach in January of 2019. Our newest concept is GigaBites Virtual Kitchens, a data-driven multi-concept facility that houses up […]Read More

Did you know college athletes may now market their name,

Since the National Collegiate Athletic Association new rules that allow college athletes to sell their NILs—Name, Image, Likeness—went into effect on July 1, 2021, businesses from car dealerships to tech companies have sought paid endorsements. But it’s not just big-name players and big-name schools that are signing on the dotted line. Phone service provider Boost […]Read More