St. Johns County Submits Bid for Florida Museum of Black History

While the NCAA basketball tournament is getting underway, the search for a home for the Florida Museum of Black History already has its own Elite 8. The project to create a museum celebrating Florida’s Black history comes from a

Every community wants to build a sustainable economy through new business development and assisting existing businesses. The path to

Economic Literacy: The Next Frontier for Consumers

With the first quarter of 2024 coming to a close, earnings season will soon be here. And while economists, market watchers

Flagler Population Jumps Past 130,000

Those crowds on the roads in Volusia County aren’t just from Bike Week and Daytona 500 visitors but from new residents

Grow Volusia Business Support Program

With approval from the Volusia County Council, the Volusia County Division of Economic Development will administer a new job creation program. The Grow Volusia Business Program (GVBP) is a 100% performance-based

Get the Big Picture with New Interactive Land Use Maps

Have you ever driven by a vacant lot and wondered what could be built there? We’re often curious about land development because it shapes our day-to-day lives, neighborhood vitality, and economic


Greater Daytona Region

As a first-time parent to a one-year-old, I can personally attest to the endless questions that come with raising a baby. And depending on who you ask or what website you reference, you’re bound to get conflicting

First Coast Region

Florida isn’t just a destination for snowbirds and tourists. It’s also where businesses are planted and flourish. Recently, The Digital Project Manager  released a report, and Florida ranked number one for the most


Did You Know?

Did You Know There’s a New Magnificent 7 Ready to Ride?

A new economic survey saddling up at the U.S. Census Bureau is set to be the new Magnificent 7 in economics and finance. The new Annual Integrated Economic Survey may be a mouthful to

Tips + Tools

3 Things You Can Do Now to Harness the Power of AI

In the realm of digital marketing, artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT, Jasper, Google Bard and so many more are revolutionizing the way we connect with current and future customers, volunteers, referral