Grow Volusia Business Support Program

Grow Volusia Business Support Program

With approval from the Volusia County Council, the Volusia County Division of Economic Development will administer a new job creation program. The Grow Volusia Business Program (GVBP) is a 100% performance-based tool available to new and existing businesses in Volusia County. The business support program enables quality employment opportunities by incentivizing job creation. The number of employees hired, and wages offered will determine the award amount. The county will cover 80% of the awarded amount with a required 20% match from the municipality where the business is physically located.

Rules of the program include:

  • Submit an application before relocating or expanding in Volusia County.
  • Create a minimum of 10 net new full-time jobs in the county. If the applicant is an existing company that is expanding, the baseline number of employees will be the average number of employees over the last three years or the number at the time of application, whichever is greater.
  • Provide resolution from the city council in which the business is locating/expanding and committing a city match of 20% of the County contribution.
  • Pay at least 100% of the local average private sector wage (currently $49,182/year).
  • Provide corroborating financial documents to meet job creation and wage requirements.
  • Award distribution occurs over a period of four years to ensure workforce retention.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Creation of new good paying jobs
  • The award can be reinvested in the company.
  • Promotion of business expansion in Volusia County.

For more information about this business support program, please contact Volusia County Economic Development at 386-248-8048.