Creating Opportunities with Workforce Re-entry Program

Creating Opportunities with the Workforce Re-entry Program

Volusia County’s Corrections and Economic Development divisions are spearheading the Workforce Re-entry Program, an initiative that supports local workforce development and significantly contributes to reducing recidivism. This program prepares individuals exiting county corrections facilities for immediate employment by equipping them with essential technical skills, industry certifications, and personal development coaching.

Why Partner with the Program?

Certified Talent Ready to Work: Program participants receive hands-on training in key industries and earn certifications that include construction and concrete, OSHA standards, heavy equipment operation, FDOT flagger licensing, and commercial landscape maintenance and horticulture, among others. Additionally, the program offers kitchen prep and safety training through the In-2-Work certificate and GED completion.

Comprehensive Preparation: Beyond technical training, each participant undergoes self-improvement counseling and job readiness sessions including life skills and financial literacy. This holistic approach ensures that they are not only ready to work but are also equipped for long-term success in their personal and professional lives.

Reduced turnover: One of the compelling advantages of hiring from the pool of past offenders is the likelihood of reduced turnover rates within the local workforce. Individuals re-entering the workforce often face limited employment opportunities due to their backgrounds, which makes them particularly appreciative of the second chances they are given. This appreciation frequently translates into greater loyalty and a stronger commitment to their employers.

A Solution to Labor Needs: With a focus on creating a seamless matchmaking process between employers and program graduates, the program allows employers to specify their labor needs.  Program facilitators will help employers find the right candidates, giving them full discretion to identify any offenses that may disqualify a potential employee, ensuring that they find the ideal match for their business.

Reduce Recidivism, Enhance Community Safety: Providing stable employment opportunities to individuals re-entering society is proven to reduce recidivism rates. By hiring program graduates, employers are not only filling their labor needs but also playing a crucial role in enhancing community safety and stability.

Get Involved!

Local businesses are encouraged to explore the benefits of participating in the Workforce Re-entry Program. Employers interested in this rewarding opportunity are encouraged to reach out and learn more about how they can get involved.

For more information or to fill out an Employer Application Form, please contact Business Specialist Ricardi Calixte at 386-248-8048 or Join Volusia County in transforming lives and enhancing your workforce with dedicated, skilled employees ready to contribute to your success from day one.