Carlton DeVooght
Flagler Health+

What are the biggest challenges your company faces today and how do you expect to address them?

I cannot overstate the strength and resilience I’ve seen emerge from the Flagler Health+ staff over the last two years. Our employees are our greatest investment and attracting, developing and retaining the high-quality workforce we’re proud to call our Flagler Health+ family is our top priority.

We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to tap into new talent pools while also developing the excellent workforce already on campus. Our team understands the importance of evolving with the shifting health care landscape to reimagine how care is delivered.

We strive to create an environment that allows each clinician to reach the top of their license and practice area while ensuring our patients receive the highest-quality care they expect for themselves and their loved ones. On-the-job training and continuing education, award-winning employee mental health and wellness initiatives, as well as a culture of transparency and innovation, I believe make Flagler Health+ a great place to work and grow a career. 

I believe this team is our biggest asset, which made us able to overcome the challenges of the last few years, but I believe we are uniquely positioned to continue to build a healthcare community ready to take on any challenge before us.

How has the experience of the past few years changed your expectations for growth?  

The pandemic only confirmed the need for Flagler Health+’s continued growth and to sharpen how we provide quality healthcare to those we serve. Today, this means meeting our patients, and our staff, exactly where they are- in their neighborhoods or in their homes. Over the last two years, we’ve invested in comprehensive health villages, neighborhood primary care practices, health, wellness and the unique delivery systems of health care with advanced telehealth services to deliver access to health care where people need it the most.

An organization’s culture flows from the top down. What leadership skills do you find effective in promoting the agency’s mission and vision to employees, clients and customers?  

Honesty and integrity are what drive me. The choices I make may not always be popular, but I hope people will recognize the integrity behind each and every decision I make. And when they do, I hope there is buy-in throughout our workforce to spend each day living up to our mission and values. These values are at the very core of the Flagler Health+ culture and will continue to drive our continued growth as a hospital and organization in the years to come.

At EVOLVE we have a shared belief that leaders develop their success skills by overcoming the challenges and adversity they face. Do you believe that hypothesis and if so, what adversity have you faced and overcome that helped put you where you are today?

Of course, no one is perfect, and I’ve certainly had my share of successes and failures, both personally and professionally. There have been times when I have failed to meet the expectation of others, but more importantly, when I have failed to meet the goals I have set for myself. The challenge is in how you react to and learn from these shortcomings, as people will notice and take their cue from your reactions. I’ve learned from each of these experiences, and they guide how I approach adversity still today. I have always strived to conduct myself with integrity in every aspect of my life and I believe it is a trait essential to being a long-lasting and respected leader.  There may be times people may not like the response to the question they ask but I believe people can sense when you are being truthful and will appreciate your honesty. Leadership isn’t easy and you cannot be afraid to tell people the truth or be afraid to fail. I look forward to tackling the challenges on the horizon for the Flagler Health+ community and celebrating our every success with hospital staff and the community.

What closing comments or counsel would you offer to emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs to continue their path to success?

Always conduct yourself with the utmost integrity in everything you do. There will be times that people will not like the answers you have, but if you act with integrity, they will know you are being honest and ethical.