Content Creation for Fun and Profit

Creating social media content seems never ending (well, technically, it is never ending). Some experts say to post at least five times a week to five times or more per day! Here are a few tips for creating winning (and consistent) content.

People. People like seeing people. Introduce your followers to the people who make up your company – behind the scenes photos are sure to be a hit. And don’t forget to showcase how your existing customers are using and benefiting from your products or services. Authenticity builds trust. Trust, in turn, builds marketing receptiveness and drives new business. 

Animals. People like seeing animals more than people. In fact, one-third of Americans have social media accounts for pets.– and some of those pets have more followers than their owners. According to a study by BarkBox, adult dog owners post a picture or talk about their dog on social media six times per week. They also watch dog videos or check out dog pics about three times a week. So, why wouldn’t you include photos of you and your staff’s pets on social media?

Video. I’ll say it again. Video. Not only does video draw people’s attention more than just words or pictures, but it’s also beneficial for your Search Engine Optimization. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google? Viewers (your future customers) can get to know you and your business before they ever step foot in your brick and mortar or visit your website. Videos can be made anytime and at any place and are low cost and long lasting.

Holidays. Major holidays and ‘micro-holidays’ present an opportunity for marketers to get creative, and it sure helps in planning ahead and filling up your social media content calendars. A well-crafted holiday post can encourage people to feel a part of something bigger and foster a sense of community, especially when your post encourages them to give back to the community. This type of content allows you to be a part of the conversation and helps to show that you are human and authentic.

So, get out those content calendars and start filling up your social media feed.