Did You Know AI Can Help Train Athletes?

Did You Know AI Can Help Train Athletes?

Creating art on demand or producing an essay aren’t the only things Artificial Intelligence can do these days. AI can also help athletes get into tip-top shape, according to a medial release.

Volt Athletics, a Seattle-based personalized performance technology company, uses AI-driven training programs that adapt to every individual user. According to the company, the combination of technology and sports science “aims to maximize results, minimize injuries.”

The company developed a patented artificial intelligence and performance platform and currently has 2 million clients worldwide.

Volt Athletics recently announced its acquisition of ZAMA Health, an athlete mental health and wellness platform.

“The collaboration between Volt Athletics and ZAMA Health signifies a commitment to addressing the holistic needs of athletes worldwide,” the company release said. “By integrating physical, mental and social health technologies, Volt aims to maximize athlete performance and wellbeing.”