Did You Know Travel is Shaking Off the Pandemic Blues?

Did You Know Travel is Shaking Off the Pandemic Blues?

Creating a destination experience is where the rubber meets the road in the travel industry, and this winter, vacationers will be getting there on the road.

According to TripAdvisor’s Winter Travel Index, road trips are the top trip type for Americans this season, with a quarter of survey respondents saying they are taking to the highways and byways for their next adventure. A third of travelers are hitting the road for cultural sightseeing and nature, according to the survey.

Not only are Americans planning to take a trip this winter, they are also looking forward to traveling more and for longer periods.

“This season, we’re seeing Americans confident in taking bigger trips,” said Alice Jong, Senior Research Analyst at Tripadvisor, in a media release. “About half plan to travel more than they did last winter, and they are more likely to take a long trip. The bottom line is the vast majority (73%) agree that travel is extremely important to them, and they’ll prioritize it this season and into 2024.”

Cost remains the most important determinant for Americans planning a trip, according to the TripAdvisor index, and prices influence travel dates for 40%; however, cost is not hindering travel. In fact, 93% of Americans planning to travel this winter will spend the same or more on travel than they did last year. Furthermore, 57% will travel as planned this season regardless of economic factors.

The TripAdvisor survey also found reason for optimism heading into the new year, with more than three-quarters of Americans planning to travel next year. The vast majority of those (94%) will travel the same amount or more than they did in 2023.