Driving Change: Beck Innovates Through Service Excellence

Breck Sloan

At Beck Automotive Group, innovation starts at the top, but the customer is at the heart of it all.

Breck Sloan, CEO of Beck Automotive Group, said innovation is “central to the culture and team,” driving its commitment to providing exceptional service while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

From a strong customer service ethic to involvement in the community to leadership that encourages staff input, Beck Automotive Group strives to create a standard that sets them apart from other peers in their industry.

But the most important member of Beck Automotive Group team may just be the customer. Car shopping is not traditionally a relaxing experience, but Sloan hopes that Beck Automotive Group provides just that for its customers. In addition to offering an extensive selection of new and used vehicles that reflect its diverse customer tastes, the dealership offers the quintessential “service with a smile.”

“Beck Automotive Group is dedicated to doing business the right way, with a warm welcome and no high-pressure sales tactics,” Sloan said. “This customer-centric approach reflects their commitment to innovation in creating a stress-free car-shopping experience.”

Located in the heart of Palatka, Florida, Beck Automotive Group is a foundation of the business community. Sloan said community involvement is an essential part of what they do.

“The dealership is actively involved in the community, hosting events like the Beck 5K Run to support local organizations,” Sloan said. “This community engagement showcases our innovative approach to building strong relationships beyond traditional sales and service activities.”

This commitment to the community and the customer begins with a strong leadership team that encourages all staff members to have a voice, creating a culture of ownership for all team members to become their very best.

“Encouraging team members to voice their ideas, take ownership and be their best is a crucial aspect of effective leadership at Beck Automotive Group,” Sloan said. “This leadership style fosters a culture of innovation and excellence, which in turn contributes to the organization’s position as a market leader. By allowing team members to voice their ideas, Beck Automotive Group benefits from a diverse range of perspectives and innovative solutions.”

It was listening to staff ideas and the voice of their customers that led to Beck Automotive Group’s biggest innovation. During the early years of the organization, local body shops and repair shops would turn to Beck Automotive for their parts needs.

Beck 5K run.

“It wasn’t long before we were the exclusive parts provider to the local shops for our brands,” Sloan said. “Through conversations with our customers, we kept hearing the same response about how our service was superb to any other dealer that they dealt with. It wasn’t long and we were getting calls from their friends and acquaintances who also owned shops,” Sloan said. “We then decided to jump into the wholesale parts business with both feet.”

This department has since grown exponentially and now boasts 104 team members and $4.5 million in sales each month. And perhaps the most innovative decision of all was choosing the person to run the department.

“We hired someone who was one of our customers. His knowledge of what the customer needs and wants has been instrumental in stepping up our customer service even more and growing our business dramatically,” Sloan said. “We now happily have several former customers on our team, and their knowledge has proven invaluable.”

Chili Cook-off

Through outside-of-the-box leadership and execution, Beck Automotive Group has made a national name for itself. But they aren’t done yet.

“While there has been phenomenal success, we have a lot more room to grow,” Sloan said. “At the end of the day, with a great team, the right culture and an unwavering focus on customer service, anything is possible.”