Chamber Member Amy Angelilli Creates St. Augustine Bucket List With New Book ‘100 Things to Do in St. Augustine Before You Die’

Look up “Things to Do” in St. Augustine and the thousands of results can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, Amy Angelilli is a willing guide. Her new book, “100 Things to Do in St. Augustine Before You Die,” catalogs the most interesting and obscure activities not to be missed in the oldest city. Her curated list of attractions, restaurants, activities, and recreation will turn anyone’s visit to St. Augustine into a memorable experience. Angelilli will celebrate the book’s release at some of her favorite local spots, many of which are featured in her work. The book is currently available for pre-order here.

“St. Augustine is such a fun town to experience,” smiles author Amy Angelilli. “One of the true joys of living here is showing my family and friends all of the cool spots I’ve found on my adventures. Now, I get to do that on a bigger scale! Visiting a new place can be daunting – you don’t want to go astray or miss something awesome. This book makes it easy – these are the can’t-miss things to do in St. Augustine!”

The 100 Things to Do series, published by Reedy Press, provides tourists with a list of local-approved experiences in America’s most exciting cities and towns. Its newest edition, “100 Things to Do in St. Augustine Before You Die,” enlists the expertise of Amy Angelilli, improv theater instructor, owner of The Adventure Project and Third Space Improv, and enthusiastic traveler, to uncover the best food, drink, music, entertainment, sports, recreation, museums, shopping, and more.

“If doing improv has taught me anything, it’s to live in the moment and say yes to the adventure,” reveals Angelilli. “As much as I would love to save all of St. Augustine’s secret spots for myself, that’s just not me. I want everyone to know how amazing this tiny town is – the people, the places, the history, and architecture – everything! Come and use this book as your guide for a fun and fabulous adventure.”

Amy Angelilli will host events celebrating the book’s launch in some of her favorite locales:

  • Gypsy Cab Company Restaurant on Monday, March 11 from 4pm to 6pm
  • Spinster Abbott’s on Thursday, March 28 from 5pm to 9pm

ABOUT AMY ANGELILLI: Amy Angelilli adopted St. Augustine, Florida as her hometown in 2015. Since then, she has become a beloved improv instructor and local business owner with The Adventure Project and her new creative studio, Third Space Improv. She has been a joyous traveler since college and loves exploring new places while sharing her adventures far and wide. Photos to accompany press release can be found here. Learn more at and follow along on social media @theadventurepro.