St. Johns County Career and Technical Education Program’s Seek Locations for Student Internships

The St. Johns County School District’s Career and Technical Education Program is seeking locations for students to participate in summer internships. One of the values of the St. Johns County School District’s CTE programs is the opportunity for students to participate in internships the summer after their junior year around their Career Academy program of study. A Career Academy is a sequence of specific elective courses designed around a career theme. Career Academies create a “school within a school” feel since students select to be grouped by a common area of interest. Each Career Academy has a Program of Study that helps guide students in course selection and plan for postsecondary experiences. The Career Academy course is one of their elective courses that they will take each year they stay in the academy.

Each high school in the district has multiple Career Academies. Across the district programs of study include engineering, business, culinary arts, hospitality and tourism, biomedical, medical, veterinary, communication, information technology, emerging technology, aviation, education, graphic design, architecture, building sciences, logistics, and more.

As a business partner you would complete your intern intent form, interview student applicants, and schedule a site visit to select your intern. As a partner you would agree to provide training and monitor work performance within the student’s program of study. Each student will also create a report and PowerPoint of their experience as part of the program. To learn more go to the CTE Internship Page or contact Ashley Wimpelberg at (904) 547-6006 or at