From the Chair & President

We are fortunate to have an incredible education base in Volusia County. Our educational system plays a vital role in our quality of life and our economic growth and sustainability, attracting new residents, businesses and investors to our region. When most people think of education they think of K-12 schools, post-secondary schools and institutions of higher learning, most of which are traditionally brick and mortar. But education is also continually learning, wanting and seeking to learn, grow, advance and get better, smarter.

At the Daytona Regional Chamber, we believe that workforce training and education are critical to the success of business and industry. This issue of Evolve is dedicated to examining learning from a variety of sources including local high school academies, vocational programs, corporate-driven internal training programs, community leadership initiatives, and traditional college and university offerings.

From the community leadership perspective, the Chamber’s Leadership Daytona Program is a cornerstone initiative that just graduated its 37th class of community leaders. This program brings together leaders from across the region to learn about the community, develop relationships and solve an annual CEO challenge. And our program is just one example of many available in Volusia County.

A commitment to lifelong learning should be instilled in all of us. Hopefully this issue will provide encouragement for businesses to apply some of the highlighted education and training formats that are being offered right in our backyard. A well-trained workforce is a key factor in the continued success of our region and increasing opportunities to attract a new and diverse industry. Through the collaboration and partnerships of private and public entities, and businesses and community-minded organizations, our region is readily poised to establish and enhance opportunities, and to develop marketable skills across generations, now and in the future.


Eric Peburn Chairman Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Halifax Health


Nancy P. Keefer CCE President & CEO Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce