St. Johns County Launches New Website and Mobile App to Enhance User Experience

St. Johns County Launches New Website and Mobile App to Enhance User Experience

Earlier this year at a St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners regular meeting, a new wave of digital communication and public engagement was announced with the launch of a new website and mobile app. The website at and the SJC Connect app showcase a more open, efficient and digitally connected effort by St. Johns County.

“This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to open governance and efficiency,” said Joy Andrews, County Administrator. “The new website and SJC Connect App reflect a new era of digital communication for St. Johns County with the public, providing dynamic and transparent opportunities for interaction and engagement with the community we serve. The website and the app offer a comprehensive platform designed to provide the public with enhanced accessibility to county services, streamlined paths to county information, and interactive features.”

Key features of the new website include:

  • User Accessibility: The website has been designed to ensure a user-friendly experience, emphasizing inclusivity and ease of navigation.
  • Road Closure Feature: This tool allows users to stay informed about ongoing road closures and detours, helping them plan their routes more efficiently.
  • Filterable News Releases: Users can easily search relevant news releases, ensuring they find information tailored to their interests and needs.
  • Calendar of Events: The website offers a dynamic calendar of events and meetings, providing residents with a centralized hub.
  • View Meetings Online: Residents can conveniently view government meetings online, promoting transparency and allowing for broader civic engagement.

The SJC Connect app complements the website, empowering users to submit service requests and complaints via mobile devices. Real-time updates on request statuses ensure transparency and accountability. The special webpage at is dedicated to the app with links to download Android or iOS versions and tutorial videos.

The app is designed to address both private and public property issues, with a dedicated Code Enforcement Ribbon for Private Property Issues and ‘PRIDE’ requests. PRIDE, short for Public Request Inquiry Data Exchange, will remain accessible online at for users who prefer that platform. Public Property Concerns can be reported via the Request Button within the app. Recognizing diverse user preferences, a desktop version of the app is also available for those who opt not to use the mobile application.

In addition, St. Johns County redesigned dynamic e-newsletters, aligning with the new website and mobile app. These newsletters embody the County’s brand and provide an elevated, efficient delivery of news and information.