AI Powered Growth for Local Businesses

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations begin to become more widespread and accessible, many businesses in the Daytona Beach region are leveraging the increased efficiencies, enhanced productivity, data management and other advantages that the rapidly expanding technology brings. One such business is TECHFIT Digital Surgery, a medical technology company that specializes in the surgical planning, design, […]Read More

Florida’s EV Surge and the Rise of Charging Stations

[wp_ulike style=”wp-ulike-pro-default”] Many Florida drivers and businesses are beginning to turn to electric vehicles (EVs) as they learn about the cost-savings, tax incentives and environmental benefits they bring—and the state and local car dealerships are stepping up to meet the increased demand. “It’s expected that one out of every four vehicles sold in the U.S. […]Read More

Agritourism Provides Fields for Fun & Learning

Although Florida is known for sunny beaches, epic amusement parks and major historical sites, Agritourism has recently been attracting visitors throughout the First Coast region. Agritourism is unique because it allows local farm owners to share their passion and knowledge of agriculture, as well as their love of nature and animals, with people of all […]Read More

Innovative Ways to Attract and Train Talent

While finding and training new talent to fulfill roles has traditionally been challenging, the events of recent years have made it even more difficult. Many businesses on the First Coast have had to come up with innovative new ways to attract and train candidates in order to stay ahead in a competitive labor market. Flagler […]Read More

Earn Up: Connecting Companies on the First Coast to Future

Finding and hiring the right talent is an essential part of any growing business. Not having enough people to fill needed roles can lead to decreased productivity and lost revenue for businesses of all sizes and types. This is especially true in Northeast Florida—one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. Businesses often struggle to […]Read More

Helping Small to Medium-Sized Companies Make a Change for the

For many small- to medium-sized enterprises, managing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives may be a lower priority than the day-to-day operation of their business. However, as ESG gains more visibility for investors and as the government begins to create more regulations around it, having a robust and efficient ESG monitoring and reporting system is […]Read More