Brian Packer, Owner & Operating Partner of Outer Banks Boil Company

Outer Banks Boil Company
Outer Banks Boil Company

Company/Organization Name: Outer Banks Boil Company, St. Augustine

Member Name and Title: Brian Packer, Owner & Operating Partner

How long have you or your organization been a member of the Chamber? We joined in August, 2023, right around the time we opened our doors.

How have you, or your organization benefited from membership in the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce? We had our ribbon cutting ceremony in early September and met some amazing Chamber members then. The support that we saw at the ceremony was unmatched, and it’s already led to great networking opportunities with other members and improved exposure in the community. We’re going to be one of the food vendors at the Chamber’s Celebrate Event in November, and we’re also working with the Chamber on catering for a Chamber members event soon. These connections and opportunities will lead to more exposure and awareness as we deepen our roots in the community; and that’s the best way for us to grow our business. We also look forward to supporting other Chamber members and their businesses as much as possible. Being involved in and supporting our community is one of our top priorities.

Briefly describe the services your organization provides the community? We offer fresh, perfectly seasoned seafood boils, two ways: as “you steam” takeout or as “we steam” catering. While we’re a hit with tourists and vacationers, we know that strengthening our roots in the community and building our customer base in St. Augustine and throughout St. Johns County is how we’re really going to make it! We’re excited to cater all types of events—weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, holiday parties, football tailgates, block parties—we’re here for all of it! Outside of our traditional takeout and catering services, we look forward to taking part in community events and partnering with other organizations, such as helping with fundraisers and supporting charitable causes. We already have some exciting plans in the works that will help us give back to this great community.

What career advice do you live by? In today’s world we spend so much time, energy and effort working and trying to make a decent living. So, find something that you really care about and invest that energy there. For me, that’s exactly why I wanted to start a business in St. Johns County. I wanted my energy and effort to really mean something here, where my family lives and where my wife and I are choosing to raise our kids.

What are the biggest challenges facing St. Johns County today? Rapid growth is just hard to deal with. It’s difficult to get ahead of and you quickly end up in “react mode” rather than being proactive. With so much growth in the county, I think the biggest challenge is figuring out how to stay ahead of issues and put plans in place that support our growth and make it a positive thing for everyone here.

How do you define success? Having passion and finding fulfillment in what you do, plus providing for your family while creating a safe and loving environment for them. Then, do all of that while being true to yourself. Don’t waiver from who you are or what’s right.

What past experiences or roles have led you to where you are today? I’ve been in operational leadership roles most of my career. What that means is that I’ve led teams and solved lots of problems in various aspects of business, and in my experience that only happens by building trusting relationships and communicating with transparency. Regardless of the hat I’m wearing on a given day, week, or month, that’s been my recipe for success. That said, the biggest Outer Banks Boil Company hat is being worn by our General Manager, Scott Dailey, who is running the day-to-day for us and doing an awesome job. So when you book your boil, you have Scott to thank for making it happen!

What is a fun fact about you? I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Dara. Nothing is more fun than that!