Secret to Success: Small Businesses Share Their Secrets to Success in Trillion Dollar Industry


The global wellness economy is a booming market, and for those who have decided to carve out a career path with a business, they’re reaping the rewards of a $4.2 trillion industry.

Breaking it down by the numbers, the Global Wellness Institute isn’t shy about touting the economic power of wellness which they estimate made up 5.3 percent of the global output in 2017.

Among those seeing the benefits are local businesses in Flagler County.

Putting in the blood, sweat and tears to make the bottom lines balance, years of hard work are paying off in big ways, and several businesses give us a sneak peek behind the curtain at what it takes to make it all work.

Jodee Soltes, Joey Soltes, Clean Eats Kitchen

As home grown as it gets, Clean Eats Kitchen is pure family.

Started as a business a year and a half ago, the whole foods, all natural meal prep service has developed a following among those looking for a healthier alternative.

Jodee Soltes, Joey Soltes, Clean Eats Kitchen

Co-owners Joey Soltes and mom Jodee Soltes started the business using the recipes they developed at home while combatting Joey’s autoimmune disorder, and realizing good nutrition played large role in his health and wellness.

Joey Soltes, Clean Eats Kitchen

Serving up seriously tasty meals,Clean Eats Kitchen offers its customers an ever changing weekly menu and the option to call and order ahead or pick up a grab-and-go, heat and eat meal. From vegan cauliflower fried riceand maple bacon salmon to barbecue chicken bowls,Joey and Jodee’sfocus is on fresh.

Announcing the purchase of five acres of land in the Haw Creek area of Flagler County in August, they’re working with a US Department of Agriculture representative to create a true farm-to-table experience, says Jodee.

“He’s meeting with us this week and going to tell us exactly where to plant and what we should plant,” she said.

Eventually, Joey has big dreams of opening a restaurant, and with the addition of part-time staff member Kevin Lam, they’re taking it one step at a time.

“My big game plan would be to have a farm-to-table restaurant but since we have this place already, we’re going to have the same concept of farm-to-table meal prep. We want to bring the best quality we can get our hands on, and if we grow it ourselves and know what’s going into it, all of that will be sourced from us,” he said.

MPower Fitness

Not only is good nutrition a key factor in a healthy lifestyle, exercise is critical, and the trainers and staff at MPower Fitness, an elite 24-hour training complex in Palm Coast, know how to get people off of their sofas and moving.

Co-owners Justin Vandacore, Fatima Sena and Melissa Mondello connected when a previous facility where they worked came up for sale, and the trio teamed up to create MPower in 2016.

“It was a tough first month but we made it work,” said Vandacore candidly.

Rapidly outgrowing their first location, the current training center encompasses over 12,000 sq. feet of space, 10 units in the City Market Place complex, to offer small group, personal and functional training, an unlimited catalogue of fitness classes, nutritional coaching and workout plans. VIP members can even take advantage of onsite child care.

A deep bench of welcoming, certified staff has cultivated a solid membership base and co-owner Fatima Sena says it has contributed to a family-like atmosphere.

“We’ve made it where you feel safe to come in – no matter what size, shape, color, we’re accepting of everyone who comes in,” she said.

So close is the staff’s connection to members, that when the facility was mandated to close during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness instructor Brandi Jaeger and facility co-owner Melissa Mondello developed FitCentrix 360, attracting a global audience with their 24-hour library of virtual classes.

Teamwork and innovation has helped the business grow.

“Community is very important to me but we don’t do it alone,” said Sena. “Strength comes in numbers, and it’s having people with the same work ethic you do and belief in the total vision for the business.”

Amy Coopersmith

“Radiance from the inside out” ––it’s Amy Coopersmith’s motto and one she shares with her team at Amethyst Wellness.

As owner, Coopersmith, who is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner,  has used a balanced approach to educate patients about their options including alternative medicines, turning her passion for helping others into her dream business over the past five years.

Focusing on internal health, Coopersmith’s practice encompasses a range of services from bioidentical hormone therapy and immune system boosting therapies, to weight control and disease prevention.

Enhancing comfort levels and self-confidence for her patients is a priority as well, and wellness staff provide esthetician and aesthetic services such as Botox, Juvederm, laser hair removal, Cryoskin body contouring, Kybella and “Radiance Parties”, where clients may enjoy the wellness experience together.

“I love doing  things to help people with the external but it’s important to also take care of the inside,” she said.

Evolving her business over the years, Coopersmith agrees health and wellness has a cascade effect.

“People are really becoming educated about their health and their healthcare options,” said Coopersmith.