Day: May 10, 2023

Are You Optimizing the Potential of Your Organization?

[wp_ulike style=”wp-ulike-pro-default”] According to Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Throughout my career in Corporate America, whether as a supervisor, manager or vice president, I struggled to understand why almost any position on the organizational chart became a “leadership position.” I watched people […]Read More

Did You Know Black Craft Brewers Form New Organization?

The craft brewing business accounted for nearly $29 billion in beer sales last year, which is nearly one-quarter of the $120 billion beer industry revenue in the U.S.  But of the nearly 10,000 craft brewers in the country, only about 1% are Black individuals, according to a media release. At the recently concluded Annual Craft […]Read More

Visit Florida Lives to Promote Another Day

After another winter of legislative discontent made glorious summer travel season by a budgetary reprieve, Visit Florida is still in business. While not quite what the Bard of Avon had in mind in the opening monologue of “Richard III,” it is an apt metaphor for the Shakesperean journey of the state’s tourism development arm. The […]Read More