St Johns Chamber Member Profile-Theresa Callahan

Jax Black Car Transportation


How long have you or your organization been a member of the Chamber?

Jax Black Car Transportation began in 2013 in St. Johns County and expanded into Duval in 2015. Jax Black Car joined the St. Johns County Chamber in 2020.

How have you, or your organization benefited from membership in the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce?

Our membership in the SJCCC allows us to network and interact with members of the Chamber at a comfortable, face-to-face level. We gain friendships and learn of new business opportunities as the Chamber membership grows every month. The chamber provides us with a fast track to the decision makers and the leaders of the business community here in St. Johns County.  

What career advice do you live by?

I am always in pursuit of excellence, no matter what I do. Whether it’s an educational challenge, a parenting challenge, or an opportunity to do well in a business endeavor, I’ve been an overachiever my entire life. My motto is to do your best to achieve excellence in all areas of your life no matter what life throws at you.

What are the biggest challenges facing St. Johns County today?

The population explosion in all of Northeast Florida presents St. Johns County with great opportunities and challenges. Recent roadway expansion to improve commute times and community access have been very successful. Moving people, lots of people in a crowded municipality is challenging to say the least. As we bring larger structures and stadiums into the area, it will be essential to invite the participation of local transportation companies early to the planning process. Jax Black Car Transportation is bringing in new equipment in June of 2023. Two New Volvo 9700 – 56 Passenger Executive Coaches will be available to the hospitality and the events community soon thereafter. The transportation sector is still dealing with supply chain issues so planning for additional equipment will be important. At Jax Black Car Transportation, we cater to those who value the safety, comfort, and reliability we provide. We are ramping up now, so we are prepared to service the community as it grows, particularly when larger special events bring communities together. We are looking forward to exceeding the expectations of the community as we continue to grow and meet these challenges head on.   

How do you define success?

Success is when you can walk away from a project and feel as if you’ve done your best. Success is learning from a loss or overcoming a challenge. I believe success is graciously moving forward as challenges are presented and doing your very best to overcome those challenges.   

What past experiences or roles have led you to where you are today?

I was very fortunate and earned my place at a small leadership table early in my career. I was part of a team that created consolidated workflows for manufacturing operations following corporate mergers. I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility and I learned by doing. I believe in giving people the chance to succeed, allowing those who are eager to grow and learn, and participate. When given the chance, I thrived, and I’m grateful.