Using AI Applications to Thrive in the Digital Age

Robert Doucette

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a term pulled from today’s headlines.

And while many are talking about its use in industries from arts and entertainment to healthcare, media, and retail, there are also practical applications that are affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes.

“AI is like this super-smart assistant that never sleeps,” says Robert Doucette, president of Smart Technologies of Florida. “It can think, learn and make choices kind of like a human but without the coffee breaks.

Doucette says AI is making life easier and more efficient for everyone. The catch is that it doesn’t have the experiences of the human who knows what makes logical sense but knows it can’t be applied to this current problem.

His Daytona Beach-based company, with the mission to “make business simple,”  helps bridge that gap with tailored services that target three essential components of business: people, machines and technology.

AI can be your business’s new best friend, says Doucette.

“For your team, think of AI as the ultimate organizer, automating tasks and even helping to decide who’s best suited for what job,” he says. “On the machine side, AI helps by predicting when your devices need a little TLC before they break down.

“Plus, AI can sift through tons of data to help you make smarter business choices. Start with just having a smart assistant who you can put to work to remove steps needed to complete the task with data input, research and the like.”

Its use, Doucette says, is like having an extra set of eyes, ears and brains solely focused on achieving business objectives.

The technology can handle a wide range of tasks, including human resources processes and financial analysis, making it a versatile tool for businesses. In the area of sales and marketing, AI can provide insight into customer needs that were previously unavailable. In addition, AI chatbots are available to handle customer queries around the clock, ensuring that customers feel valued and heard.

Businesses benefit by becoming more efficient, saving costs and making teams happy by reducing repetitive work.

Still, says Doucette, some folks are hesitant to venture into AI use.

“Some people hesitate because they don’t know where to start or worry about the expenses involved,” he says. “Additionally, the prospect of robots replacing human jobs can be unsettling. However, once we overcome these obstacles, we can achieve unlimited potential. Smart Technology of Florida is here to help guide you through the necessary steps toward improved productivity.”

Another reason people may hesitate is that they may not feel they are tech-savvy enough to use AI.

There’s no need to be a tech whiz, Doucette says.

“Many AI tools are super user-friendly. And if you ever get stuck, that’s what we’re here for—to guide you every step of the way.”

Costs can vary, but there are options for every budget, including scalable cloud services. The key is to start small and expand as you see the benefits, says Doucette.

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