Day: October 10, 2023

From Data to Diagnosis: AI in Healthcare

Imagine sitting with a loved one who suddenly experiences a drooped smile, unintelligible speech and numbness down their arm, face, or leg. When this happens, calling 911 immediately is a must as these often indicate stroke symptoms — a terrifying condition where brain cells start to die in mere minutes. Luckily, if the call is made […]Read More

AI Powered Growth for Local Businesses

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations begin to become more widespread and accessible, many businesses in the Daytona Beach region are leveraging the increased efficiencies, enhanced productivity, data management and other advantages that the rapidly expanding technology brings. One such business is TECHFIT Digital Surgery, a medical technology company that specializes in the surgical planning, design, […]Read More

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Reshaping Education

College students are no strangers to specialized technology in the classroom. In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is making its presence well-known, local education institutions are embracing the fact that AI is part of the learning experience. A  recent BestColleges survey found that 43% of students are experienced in using AI tools such as […]Read More

Seeing AI Through the Eyes of the Next Generation

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence: machines that work together to do what a human mind would normally do. It is a spreading phenomenon taking over the world as we know it, from simple tasks such as search algorithms to smart technology to those robots in Japan learning emotion. There are many questions and concerns […]Read More

How AI is Revolutionizing Tourism

It’s two letters that have been getting a lot of attention lately: AI. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a broad term that refers to machines or computer systems performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. Think reasoning, learning, understanding language, recognizing images and solving problems.  It’s used in health care, education, entertainment, finance, agriculture and […]Read More

Smart Marketing: How AI is Transforming the Industry

We’re all familiar with SPAM emails and pop-up ads trying to sell you products and services that are often of no interest to you. But perhaps you’ve noticed that more recently, those ads are a bit less obnoxious because they’re more relevant. You might have even clicked through for more information. That, my friends, is […]Read More

Using AI Applications to Thrive in the Digital Age

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a term pulled from today’s headlines. And while many are talking about its use in industries from arts and entertainment to healthcare, media, and retail, there are also practical applications that are affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes. “AI is like this super-smart assistant that never sleeps,” says […]Read More

A Timeline of the AI Evolution

Over the decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved from a concept of science fiction to a transformative force in our everyday lives. The journey began in the 1950s, marked by the birth of AI as an academic discipline. Early AI systems were rule-based, limited by computational power. The 1980s and 1990s brought neural networks and […]Read More

Using AI From Algorithms to Articles

Introduction Florida, with its diverse and fragile ecosystem, faces unique challenges in maintaining its environmental balance amidst growing urbanization and climate change. In this pursuit, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool, enabling the state to monitor, analyze, and respond to environmental changes with unprecedented precision. From protecting coastal areas to preserving wildlife […]Read More

From The Editor – Fall 2023

Artificial Intelligence…how many of you are using it to make your life’s work more efficient?  I recently planned a trip to New York City with AI.  I wrote a prompt with arrival and departure times, hotel location, restaurants I wanted to try and sightseeing desires and in thirty seconds it kicked out the most efficient […]Read More