From The Editor – Fall 2023

Artificial Intelligence…how many of you are using it to make your life’s work more efficient?  I recently planned a trip to New York City with AI.  I wrote a prompt with arrival and departure times, hotel location, restaurants I wanted to try and sightseeing desires and in thirty seconds it kicked out the most efficient itinerary.  


That was for fun, but AI success is alive and well in businesses in Volusia County.  In this issue, we got to dig for industries mining success from artificial intelligence.  In healthcare, which is close to my heart, the leaders in the use of imaging continue to streamline to get to the right diagnosis with AI.  Dr. Steve Miles shares with us how in just seconds AI can take one brain scan and compare it to over 7,000 other scans to predict how much brain in salvageable after a stroke, and Dr. Miles is quick to rest us at ease that AI won’t replace doctors, but rather help them be more accurate and efficient.


Can you be fooled by AI?  There is one article in the issue which was written entirely by AI; can you tell which one?  We even tried to have the cover designed by AI just to prove a point, but interestingly enough, the first few versions were of the scary robot taking over the world. As a matter of fact, it was extremely reminiscent of the B1 Battledroids of the Stars Wars series.  So, there’s that!


On a brighter side, this issue looks at the cat and mouse game of plagiarism.  Chat GPT, when it first started to become widely used, was victim of educators’ scorn for those early adopter students taking a shortcut in academia!  Today, the other side is at play and professors at Daytona State College are embracing AI and using it to actually teach paraphrasing.  We also learned there are AI checkers out there which can tell when you use AI.  Seems circular to me. Is this AI just a rabbit hole of eliminating the human race?  Some in the industry believe so.  I wonder what Chat GPT or Bard would say about that?


Finally, as a student of marketing and advertising the question is, “will this AI success put marketers, writers and other professions out of a job?”  Time will tell, but in the meantime, I suggest you learn from these organizations and jump in.  As demonstrated in this issue, AI can only make you better!


Until next time, I wish you the best! (AI can’t do that yet!)