Day: September 15, 2021

5 Easy marketing tasks you can do today

You’re a busy entrepreneur, and your entire focus is on selling your products and services. Meanwhile, other business-related tasks have mounted, and you find yourself playing catchup only to feel you are lagging further and further behind. Sales have slowed, and you’ve neglected your marketing plan for quite some time. All businesses are at risk […]Read More

For monetary policy, slow and steady wins the race

For monetary policy, slow and steady wins the race Economic observers and Federal Reserve Board critics could take a lesson from the story of the tortoise and the hare. While a turbulent pandemic economy has led many to wish for a quick fix, the central bank’s deliberate approach to interest-rate decisions and other monetary policy […]Read More

MedNexus Innovation Challenge offers students chance to shine

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes––and ages. High school students in Flagler, St. Johns and Volusia counties have a chance to showcase their ideas with the MedNexus Innovation Challenge in September. The competition, presented by the University of North Florida (UNF) along with the city of Palm Coast and Flagler Schools, is open to high […]Read More

Paul Sohl Florida High Tech Corridor Council

Paul Sohl is CEO of the Florida High Tech Corridor Councils, a position he has held for 14 months. What implications do you see for your organization resulting from the coronavirus and how are you mitigating the potential risks and challenges?  At The Corridor, our three mission-into-action words are “Connect. Collaborate. Convene.” We do that across […]Read More

Did you know robots are becoming farmers?

Did you know the Trapper Keeper is back for Back to School? Check off another box on the road to the robot apocalypse. A British tech firm, Small Robot Company, recently announced a milestone in the development of what they call “robotic soil health intelligence.” The technology aims to provide farmers with accurate soil health […]Read More

Jayne Fifer

Jayne Fifer, President and CEO Emeritus of VMA, the area’s manufacturers’ association serving Flagler, Volusia and surrounding counties.Read More

Meaghan Sutter Port Orange Acupuncture

What does your company do? We offer a holistic and complimentary approach to conventional medicine specializing in acupuncture, traditional cupping, food therapy, Chinese herbs, and therapeutic massage. What is your background and how did you get into the business? During my adolescent years I envisioned a career in healthcare with a focus on administration. I […]Read More

Alex Zelenski Clearview Geographic LLC, DeLand

What does your company do? Clearview Geographic LLC is an environmental and technical systems firm. What exactly does that mean? And, what about GIS, how does that fit in? Don’t worry we get asked that a lot. To be brief we’re scientists who really care about the health of our planet, ecosystems, and wildlife that […]Read More

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