From The Publisher – Fall 2023

There is an IBM TV commercial for WatsonX, their AI platform, that starts with “Some people are excited about what AI can do for them. We’re excited about what AI can do for business.”  At EVOLVE, we are also excited about what AI can do for business. Our EVOLVE Editorial Advisory Boards selected Artificial Intelligence as the theme for […]Read More

From The Publisher – Summer 2023

With this issue, we complete our second full year publishing the First Coast Region Edition of EVOLVE Magazine. Over that period, we have much appreciated your response to our articles and content. Our goal is to “Shine a Light on Success,” especially business and economic success. Your response tells us we are on the right […]Read More

From The Publisher

“The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.” – Faye Wattleton   We at EVOLVE Magazine hope that you and your team have made it safely through the storm. There will be an easier path for some, but the impact of Hurricane Ian will be felt throughout our community for some time to come. […]Read More

Is Economic Growth Good for Our Communities?

Everybody talks about economic growth as a priority. Politicians cite growth statistics on the campaign trail, residents talk about the need for more retail options and better-paying jobs and businesses and developers look to capitalize on shifting demographics and population growth. It is acknowledged that economic development is a good thing in the abstract, but […]Read More

The Big Picture on Economic Growth

From his desk in Jacksonville, Aundra Wallace takes a broader perspective on economic growth than most people. As president of the JAXUSA Partnership, it’s part of the job description. But that 50,000-foot view doesn’t obscure realities on the ground for real people. “When you think about any community, any region, it’s about people,” Wallace said. […]Read More

From The Publisher-Summer 2022

The Business of Growth. When we first selected this theme, some members of the staff and the board thought we were intending to write articles either defending or criticizing “overdevelopment”. Instead, we had to make it clear that our focus would be on economic growth and opportunity. Which is to say, “business growth”. Clearly there […]Read More

From The Publisher-April 2022

Our theme for this issue is “The Evolution of Learning”. On the Editorial Advisory Board, we had interesting conversations about this theme. Obviously there needed to be content that was about the Education Industry. But we wanted to focus more in this issue on how “learning” was changing. The article, An Innovative Place to Grow […]Read More


“BLACK NFL COACHES ARE NOT BEING PUT IN A POSITION TO SUCCEED” – What Mina Kimes of ESPN got wrong In early February on ESPN’S NFL Live  Mina Kimes was commenting on the Brian Flores legal action against the NFL and three of its teams and said “Black coaches are not being put in a […]Read More